After the great success of the previous versions, Kivi introduces the new Kivi Soul eMotion, completely renovated in its look and driving performances, but with the same goal as always: allowing people on wheelchair to drive in complete autonomy and total comfort.

The new Kivi Soul eMotion once again revolutionizes the classic mobility concept: driver and/or passenger will be able to enter and exit the vehicle, place themselves inside the cabin and drive or be transported, all while sitting in their own wheelchair.

This revolutionary car, long just 414 cm (163 in.), combines the sporty and catching design of a SUV to the versatility of a familiar van and can host up to 4 passengers, where two of them are sitting on their wheelchair.

The Kivi Soul eMotion is the first sedan for wheelchair driving to obtain European homologation, thanks to the passing of all the necessary security tests. The driving devices installation, fundamental to reach total autonomy, is made according to each driver's needs.

Kia Design

Available colours

Monocolore Bicolore


1.6 CRDI, diesel, 7-speed automatic transmission, ABS / EBD / BAS / ESS / ESP / HAC
Front airbags, front side airbags and front&rear curtain airbags
Driver’s seat height adjuster, leather steering wheel, steering wheel mounted controls
Remote central door locking and fold-away key
Front&Rear LED lights, fog lights, twilight sensor
18", "Carbon Look" type, alloy wheels with 235 / 45R18 tyres
Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
Power windows, rear privacy glass
Adjustable, folding and heated door mirrors
Cruise control with speed limiter
Automatic climate control with CleanAir ionizer
KIA Media Box (radio with 4,3" LCD touchscreen display, with steering wheel mounted controls and rear view camera) and 6 speakers
Total Connectivity System (USB / Aux / iPod® connection)
Hands-free Bluetooth
Tyre mobility kit
Feel you® Soul:
You Tab (8” LCD screen satellite navigation
with 7 years map update and DAB
digital radio), Infinity Sound System,
Speakers Mood Lamp (changing colour
to the beat of music)

Design you® Soul:
SUV look (chrome exterior finish),
High Glossy Black wheel arches, longitudinal
roof bars, chrome exterior door handles,
18" alloy wheels
Design you® Soul Version.

Kivi Style

Getting inside the car with your own wheelchair and reaching the chosen position is fast and simple: thanks to a light pressure on the “open” button on the specific remote control, the car begins an automatic cycle that lowers the vehicle (until a height of 60 mm -2.36 in.- from the ground), opens the backdoor and the ramp, to ease the access of the person sitting on the wheelchair inside the vehicle.

At the front driver and co-driver position are placed two tie downs that allow the user to secure the wheelchair, both electric and manual, to the car floor, allowing also a fast release and coupling of the original seats. Those who use the Kivi Soul eMotion can therefore decide, whenever they want, if they would rather drive or be transported, both on wheelchair or on the original seats.

The new Kivi Soul eMotion, unlike previous versions, is equipped with a new rear pneumatic suspension system (15% softer than the original one) that allows the vehicle to always keep the ideal asset and the correct height from the ground independently from the load and the number of people inside the vehicle. Thanks to this new technology the driving and traveling comfort for all passengers has reached excellent levels.

Furthermore, through a specific button placed on the Kivi control panel (K button), the driver is able to uplift the car until its maximal height (220 mm -8.66 in.-) to easily pass garage ramps and road bumps. To return to the driving height (150 mm -5.90 in.-) the driver will have to press again the K button or to go over 30 km/h (18.65 mph) activating, in this way, the automatic suspension lowering process.

The design of the new Kivi Soul eMotion cabin has also been renovated:

- the floor is covered in grey PPE, a plastic material highly resistant and easily washable that allows the user to enter and exit the cabin more easily;

- near the anterior doors two protections made of stainless steel have been installed to protect the interior cover from occasional scratches or bumps that may occur because of the wheelchair movement;

- underneath the dashboard an extremely useful glove compartment has been added.

Kivi Style


The Kivi Soul eMotion has an inner height of 142 cm (55.90 in.) and can host up to 4 passengers, 2 of which sitting on a wheelchair. With the same equipment is therefore possible to choose among different configurations that can be interchangeable in a blink by the client himself.

1. A wheelchair in the driver position and the original seat in the front passenger position.
2. A wheelchair in the front passenger position and the original seat in the driver position.
3. A wheelchair in the driver position and a wheelchair in the front passenger position.
4. Original seats both in the driver position and in the front passenger position.
5, 6 and 7*. You can always accommodate another wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle, keeping the rear seats flipped and out of the way.

* Possible configuration if the max weight is not exceeded.

It’s always possible to use the Kivi Soul eMotion with its two original seats in the front and the two folding seats in rear, without any wheelchair.

Kivi Style


We don't just talk about design in the new Kivi Soul eMotion settings! Some new security systems have been added, to allow the driver to “live” the vehicle in complete confidence:

- a keyboard placed in a easily accessible position by the driver allows to activate the opening and closing cycle of the suspensions/backdoor/ramp as an alternative to the remote control;

- a new manual release system of the tie-downs allows the release of the seat and/or the wheelchair, thanks to a light pull of a lever placed in an easily reachable position for the user. This is added to the electric release safety mode that happens through the pressing of a button on the control panel;

- a grip placed on the backdoor and reachable by the person sitting on the wheelchair allows to open the backdoor itself manually also from the inside;

- an emergency Kit (tyre mobility kit) allows to uplift manually the vehicle suspensions in case of its bad working, until the ideal circulation height;

- a special glass-breaking and belt cutting hammer is always supplied to be used in case of emergency;

Furthermore, the backdoor and the ramp can always be manually operated by the helper.

The Kivi Soul eMotion has obtained the European homologation according to the Directive 2007/46/CE by passing all necessary tests such as attachment of restraint belts, masses and dimensions, sound level, emissions, fuel tank, brake system, electromagnetic compatibility, internal fittings, seats tie down system.

Thanks to this homologation, in all countries of the European Community, it’s no more necessary to pass the car inspection; it will be enough to go to the qualified Offices with the Certificate of Conformity issued by KIVI, to get the registration.

Instead all driving devices installed in the car have to pass the car inspection according to the rules of the country where the vehicle is registered.


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